Kanji/Romanji ハリボテ
Song(s) Haribote
Illust by: Terada Tera
Physical Features
Hair color Light lavender
Eye color Lavender
Gender Male
Status Alive
Race Human
Siblings Happy-chan


Haribote has short lavender colored hair with matching eyes. He also has extremely sharp teeth.

He wears a white long sleeved shirt, which has a collar and a pocket, in which he keeps a pen. He wears dark blue jeans.


Haribote is usually portrayed as mischievous and somewhat smug, as seen by the expression on his face in the official image.

Other than that, not much is known about him, as there is no video for him, and the song lyrics are confusing and do not seem to have an exact meaning.


  • He is commonly seen with Happy-chan, and they are assumed to be siblings. They are both drawn by Terada Tera.
  • In one part of the song he says "Everything is surrounded by smoke" Some fans think that sentence means that he may have smoked some kind of drug (presumably weed) to forget all his problems.
  • He seems to enjoy candy a lot, as in a drawing by Terada Tera he is seen consuming an entire bag of it.



Haribote wearing a Neru shirt and enjoying a popsicle (Art by Terada Tera).

Happy-chan & haribote

Haribote and Happy-chan. (Art by Terada Tera)


A compilation image of many of Terada Tera's characters (as well as some others). Haribote can be seen in the center.

Haribote dat boy

Haribote, featuring Neru's favorite frog meme, Dat Boi (Art by Terada Tera).